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Your Source For Authentic Hatch Green Chiles

New Mexico Green Chile Co. is a certified women-owned and family-run business that brings to you and your business, however large or small, green chile peppers straight from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico. We care about our customers and go above and beyond to ensure authenticity and the highest quality product available. All of our chile is fire roasted and packed in a state of the art facility.

Spice it up!

Authentic Frozen and Dehydrated
Hatch Green Chile and other peppers

Spice-up your recipes with our tasty and healthy green chile from Hatch, New Mexico as well as other peppers such as Jalapeños and Poblanos! 



Tasty & Healthy

The vibrant color, the savory, robust flavor, and the diverse possibilities presented when cooking with Green Chile is enough to entice any connoisseur as well as provide vast nutritional and health benefits.

Reduces Blood Pressure & Fat

Chiles are a good source of most B vitamins and are very high in potassium, magnesium and iron. Green Chile is extremely low in fat and contains no cholesterol, and that helps in boosting heart health. The capsaicin in chile aids the body in processing cholesterol and fat by helping to reduce fatty deposits in the arteries.


Capsaicin also enhances circulation, which reduces blood pressure. Chile speeds up a body’s metabolic rate triggering the body to burn calories and helping in weight reduction.

Remedy for Arthritis

The capsaicinoids from chile peppers are used in muscle rubs for sore muscles and arthritis. The Pueblo Indians and early Spanish colonists prized chile as a herbal medicine, a food preservative, and a disinfectant for wounds.

Rich in Vitamin C

One fresh, medium sized Green Chile is equivalent to the Vitamin C in six oranges. The ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) increases as the growing season progresses, however it begins to decrease as the chile peppers mature to red. With fresh green chile, the freezing process retains the Vitamin C. As the chile matures and ripens to red the carotene (Vitamin A) content increases. It reaches the highest value as a ripe, fresh pepper.


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